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April 3, 2014

Grand Jury Indictment for Keisha Curtis

November 22, 2011
Awesome news!  The Grand Jury has found Keisha Curtis guilty and now she will go for sentencing.  She could face up to 18 months in jail.  While I don't think this is enough time for the suffering that Patrick Endured I am happy that she will face some time.  It could have ended up with her just walking away.  Let's cross our paws and hope that the full 18 months is served

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Patrick and Lennox

October 21, 2011
Patrick's accuser went to court on Friday October 21st for the second part of the hearing.  There were not enough jurors so they had to postpone her trial to a date not yet determined.

Lennox has received a stay of execution and will be having his case reviewed to see if he will be able to go home!  This process could take a week or a month.

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Project Patrick Patrol Bands

August 2, 2011
Hey all! 

Thanks to the great people at Inspired by Ian we are now offering the Project Patrick Patrol ands for $5.  Shipping in the US is free but we can ship to most other countries as well for a fee.  The proceeds from these bands will go towards making Patrol Packs.  These packs will be in a nice tote from 31 tote and will have a leash, water bowl, food and a small blanket or towel so you will have the kit in your car in case you see an animal in trouble.  So far our Patrick Patrol Crew h...
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Patrick stays with GSVS

June 7, 2011
Well after a long day in court the judge rules that Patrick stays with GSVS until the trial is over!  He will continue to stay with the people that have nursed him back to health!!

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May 10, 2011
We are close to 1,000 followers on twitter!  Our goal is 1 million against animal abuse and for tougher laws.  We will make it!  I will stay by this till it happens.  There has to be 1,000,000 supporters against animal abuse!!!

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Keisha Curtis Pleads not Guilty

May 10, 2011
After a long week of anxiety and stress it took about 20 minutes for Keisha Curtis to plead not guilty.  This means they will have to have a hearing to see if there is enough evidence to go to the grand jury.  Let's all pray that she goes to court!

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May 2, 2011
There will be several Rally's across the country on Friday for Patrick's trial.  There will be a live stream.  When I get the address I will post!!!

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Petition for Patrick and Harsher Laws!

April 25, 2011
I ask that you all visit the link below and sign this petition.  If you are true in your rights for animals please share this link with others.  We have proven that there is a strong strength in numbers!

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Going Global for the fight!!

April 19, 2011
In just a bit over 48 hours we have merged with The National Movement in our goal to 1,000,000 followers against animal abuse and for tougher laws!!!  If you haven't already done so please come and follow us @patricksmovment!

Thanks for your support together we can move mountains

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